About ERM

There is a running joke at ERM that we started an engine building business simply to build one engine for a 1972 Chevelle. Evan, the owner of ERM Racing Motors was on engine number nine in his Chevelle (who inspired our logo) named Betty when he got sick of putting shodily built motors from other people in the car. He quickly realized that reasonably priced engines that made real power were nonexistent. If he wanted something, he'd have to build it himself. Evan taught himself how to build engines through a combination of old repair manuals, magazine articles, and trial and error. Now, five years after he got the Chevelle running with engine number one he's finally putting her final engine together. A numbers matching 396 datecoded to a 72 Chevelle will be her final power plant. This block has been fully sleeved, line honed, bored, honed, and decked. It has been clearanced for a forged stroker crank from an LS6 454, and balanced for the rest of a Manley rotating assembly with King bearings. Total Seal gapless rings, Cometic gaskets, and ARP bolts hold together the high reving blown big block. AFR heads and a Weiand 177 blower round off the build. Engine Builder Magazine is currently writing an article on the build, and Westech will be dynoing this engine in September of 2018.