In Progress Builds

Look below for a gallery of some of the engines ERM Racing Motors is currently building for clients. Check out our Instagram to keep up with each engine!


Chevy 6.3L Stroker LS

One of a few LS engines ERM has built, this block started as a 4.8 but will not finish as one. This engine will become a 6.3L stroker, as the name suggests and power our client's Silverado. Our client's direct quote? "I want my **** to be badass" and that's what we work towards. Don't worry, we've got him covered in that department. Stay tuned on this engine by following ermracingmotors on Instagram!


AMC 304

This engine was commissioned by our friends in Denmark. We're going from blue all over to a well oiled machine, literally. So far, our machine shop has given this motor the works. It was bored, decked, honed, line honed, balanced, the crank was ground, and the rods were sized for this engine. We're looking forward to finishing up this oddball engine and sending it on the ship across the ocean!


Ford 400M

Rebuilding Ford engines may be a rarer occurence for ERM, but that doesn't mean we can't turn these tired truck engines into something that hauls ass. For this build we're switching the stock 351M crank that technically made this motor a 351M, to a 400M crank. That lets us use 351C pistons, which are easy to get forged. We need forged pistons for this build because as we mentioned above, it's not going to be a truck motor for long!


Chevy 350

You know we've always got one in the shop. Our bread and butter is the Chevy 350. Simple, fun, good power, and reliable. You can't go wrong with this tried and true beauty, unless it comes to where the distributor was placed. This engine will be the power plant for a 1967 Chevy Camaro.